LLaunching this blog is like a small contribution that I wish to make to the world of dance . My purpose here is not only to share information about myself but also make you all a part of my journey as a dancer – a journey in search of beauty and purpose.

Dance for me ..

is a heightened aesthetic experience…

a poetry of movements and melody…

It is a painting of space and time…

Can be likened to a dialogue between a body and spirit….

Through this blog I wish to communicate with you, all that I think and experience about dance in my life and the world that surrounds me.

This space also gives me an opportunity to not only explore myself as a dancer but also as a human being….

I wish to thank Sri. Ram Niwas for designing this blog ; Mr. Rajesh Goyal for Vilasini Natyam picture; Mr. Kiran Pasricha for Bharatanatyam picture; and my mother Kamalini Dutt for critically reviewing my blog contents.


अजित वडनेरकर said...

आपका ब्लाग देखा अच्छा लगा। इस बहाने कला जगत से , आपके विचारों से रूबरू होने का मौका हासिल होगा।
आपको बधाई और इरफानजी को शुक्रिया

Anushka said...

Your blog is interesting. I wish you a very bright future.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Purva,

Thank yu for your greetings for World Dance Day!

I went through your blog and it is very interesting. I really appreciate the way you have put what is your main purpose for the blog, is to make us all as part of your journey as a dancer! That is so true and beautiful. I am glad to be a part of it. It is very interesting to read about you and I wish you Good Luck, Success, Joy and Peace in your path!!

Kindly excuse me for not able to greet you on the 29th April itself since there was some virus problem with my computer. Now it is all cleaned and cleared!

Take care.
Best Wishes to the whole family,
Bragha Akka

Anonymous said...

Hey Purva! Really liked your blog. I think it pretty much covers most ground with respect to you as a dancer. I guess it was about time someone as accomplished as you put it all down in black and white!

Good going.


Anonymous said...


Sorry for dealay. But I must appriciate the concept of your blog. It is really well designed. I like it. God bless you all.

Prabir Datta

Anonymous said...

recently I have been googling a lot since I have to take a common entrance exam for my ph.d exam (hoping to do this in dance therapy) I came across yur blog… it looks great and lots of interesting snippets on dance..also a lovely photo of u dancing as a child!! i was actually looking for info on vilasini nritya and stumble on your blog...thanks for the info!!


Tripura Kashyap

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to find you have reinvented yourself in a significant and meaningful way, by harnessing the potential internet has to offer, to share with those close to you and care to know, your personal thoughts and feelings on dance. It is simlar to the objectives with which we have embarked on Natyaangan.ca ( a website being developed), which we hope, will help us to share the Kala Bharati legacy with others who matter. Your blogspot is very well done: aesthetically presented in a visually pleasing layout, thoughtfully written in a readable style, detailed and pertinent ; all reflecting your training as a dancer and student of English/Journalism. You have found a niche that will allow your qualites to flourish and we are so happy you have launched this initiative.

Dr. Mamata Niyogi Nakra

Anonymous said...

Dear purva
Very interesting blog on journey of dance. wish u good luck ,Best wishes and our blessings
chitti and chittappa

इरफ़ान said...

Yes the new mast-head is really attractive.

gkuppu said...

Dear Purva
the expression in your blog for the world dance day is beautiful.After reading people will like to join you in your journey
Best wishes With LOVE